Tombacat User Manager

TUM 205

TUM (Tombacat User Manager) is a Windows PC based solution to enable desk employees at a camping site or hotel (or any other hotspot environment) to manage internet access for customers within seconds. Without any technical hotspot knowledge they can advise the customer by using predefined profiles. User credentials are activated directly and can be printed out on a ticket.

There are three versions of TUM available:

  • TUM (standard): managing a single hotspot
  • TUM Multi: managing multiple hotspots and keeping user credentials in sync within these hotspots
  • TUM Sales: providing sales reports on sold hotspot tickets. This version can be combined with either of the previous versions

Both TUM (standard) and TUM Multi can be integrated with reservation systems. This way customer bookings can be prepared in advance including the required hotspot user credentials. At the time the customer arrives, the credentials will be activated automatically. When he leaves they will be removed. This is standard functionality provided by TUM in any version and keeps your hotspot environment well organized.


The current version is: 2.0.7.

System requirements

Any Windows XP or Windows 7 based PC will do. Please be aware that you contact your Wandy dealer to support you with installing TUM. The hotspot needs to be configured to be anabled for use with TUM.

Required software components are:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft SqlServer Compact 3.5 service pack 2
    (or any higher service pack, you need this specific version, newer versions do not replace this one but continue one this one)
    (provided with TUM install file)

From Windows Vista and upwards: do not install the software in the default programs directory. Please use some other location like c:\tombacat\user manager.


You can download a trial version here. This trial version will manage two hotspot users. This installation can be extended to any of the mentioned versions by requesting a license key: copy your local key and send it to


For further infomation you can take a look at the following documents:


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